Friday, 27 January 2017

Oh for a bit of light

I started at Whittle Dene this morning to see if the Bewick's Swan was still there, but only a single Whooper was in with a family of Mute Swans. 

 I then headed to Northumberlandia where I added Mr M of Cramlington to my birders year list.  It was nice to see over 100 Brambling here as well as a female Scaup on one of the ponds.  I could have got some descent photos if only there had been a little bit light.  I'm not greedy I didn't want full sunshine, but a little bit of light would have been nice.

Brambling @ Northumberlandia

Redwing @ Northumberlandia

Scaup @ Northumberlandia

Saturday, 21 January 2017

What a Loon!

A few shots from todays Pacific Diver twitch at Druridge.

                                              Pacific Diver @ Druridge Bay Country Park

                                                              Stonechat @ East Chevington

    Twite @ East Chevington

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Dull Start

This morning I had a bit of a run around to kick start my year list, adding Iceland and Glaucous Gull, Black Redstart, White-fronted Goose and Waxwing.

Florida Again

In October we headed across the pond to Florida.  As well as birding around the hotel grounds, we did venture out and about birding a few times.  Sites visited were Bok Tower Gardens,  Lake Parker, Merritt Island, Hal Scott Reserve and Lake Kissimmee.

The view from our room at Disney's Art of Animation.

Tiger Swallow @ The Animal Kingdom.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird @ Bok Tower Gardens.

             Ruby-throated Hummingbird @ Bok Tower Gardens.

Blue Jay @ Bok Tower Gardens.

Purple Gallinule @ Lake Parker.

Belted Kingfisher @ Merritt Island.

Black & White Warbler @ Merritt Island.

Florida Scrub Jay @ Merritt Island

Florida Scrub Jay @ Merritt Island.

Gopher Tortoise @ Merritt Island.

Reddish Egret @ Merritt Island.

American Kestrel @ Shingle Creek.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker @ Hal Scott Reserve.

Eastern Bluebird @ Hal Scott Reserve.

Lubber Grasshopper @ Hal Scott Reserve.

Bachmann's Sparrow @ Hal Scott Reserve.

Crested Caracara @ Lake Kissimmee.

Brown-headed Cowbird @ Lake Kissimmee.

American Bittern @ Lake Kissimmee.

Alligator @  Lake Kissimmee.

Alligator @  Lake Kissimmee.

Baby Alligator @  Lake Kissimmee.

Least Sandpiper @ Lake Kissimmee.

Red-winged Blackbird @ Lake Kissimmee.