Monday, 24 March 2014

All work and very little play

Due to a change of shift pattern at work I haven’t really been out much over the last month.  I did manage to escape to Kielder for a day at the beginning of March and even though the weather wasn’t ideal, I had some nice Goshawk displays.  The interesting thing though was the number of Ravens, with a total of seven or eight being seen at different sights throughout the day.

I also tried for Snow Bunting at East Chevington. Despite there being eleven reported the day before, I only managed to find a single female on the morning that I went.

The two Slav Grebes and the Black-Throated Diver on the North pool were also nice to see.

Last week I spent a couple of mornings watching the Redpoll coming to the feeding station at the North end of the North pool at East Chev.  Although there was a lot of variation in plumage, all were Lesser Redpoll.  One of the days I was there, the Mealies were reported just after I had left, although I think this was a case of confusing a couple of very pale Lesser Redpolls as Mealies.