Saturday, 25 January 2014

Playing Catch Up

Last week I had a trip ‘South of the water’ to see the Glossy Ibis at Boldon.  Then this week one turns up at Lynemouth, although every time I tried to photograph it in sunshine it disappeared to the far side of the field.  It just seemed to come near to the road in dull weather. 

I have tried for the Green-Winged Teal at Druridge Pools three times and still not seen it!  In the last week I have also tried for Waxwing at Jarrow and Lesser Whitethroat at Tynemouth and dipped on both. I did manage to fluke the Great-Northern Diver in the dock at Cambios.  I only stopped to see how much of the river you could see from there and right in front of me up pops the Diver. Which was nice.  

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bolam Lake

I had a trip up to Bolam Lake today to see if there were any Brambling still hanging around.  To the North of the main car park there were a few birds flitting around in the leaf litter, but a scan through them only produced Chaffinch, Great, Blue and Coal Tit. So I had a walk in that direction as it seemed to be where most of the birds were.  Scanning the Northeast corner of the country park it seemed like the ground was moving, it was alive with Brambling, there must have been a couple of hundred.  Unfortunately they were very flighty and never allowed me to get close.

But with the reach of my super duper SX50 I did manage a few photos of these superb little birds. Despite putting sunflower hearts on the wall in the car park I just couldn't attract the Brambling closer.  However it's always nice to get really close views of Nuthatch.