Thursday, 13 February 2014

Nice bit of Rump!

The last two days I've paid a couple of visits to High Shincliffe in County Durham to see the Yellow-Rumped Warbler.  Yesterday the weather was dull and very cold and the Warbler mainly stayed in cover all morning, feeding on a fat filled coconut in the middle of the bushes.  So no real chance of any photos that day.

So with better weather today and word that the Warbler had been feeding on a coconut that had been placed more in the open I decided to try again this afternoon.

However when I arrived the Yellow-Rumped Warbler was still feeding on the coconut in the middle of the bushes.  Luckily, with only about twelve birders there, I managed to find a spot with a clear view through a hole in the branches and even more amazing was that my SX50 managed to focus on the bird.  So I was quite pleased to get a couple of record shots.