Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Florida Again

In October we headed across the pond to Florida.  As well as birding around the hotel grounds, we did venture out and about birding a few times.  Sites visited were Bok Tower Gardens,  Lake Parker, Merritt Island, Hal Scott Reserve and Lake Kissimmee.

The view from our room at Disney's Art of Animation.

Tiger Swallow @ The Animal Kingdom.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird @ Bok Tower Gardens.

             Ruby-throated Hummingbird @ Bok Tower Gardens.

Blue Jay @ Bok Tower Gardens.

Purple Gallinule @ Lake Parker.

Belted Kingfisher @ Merritt Island.

Black & White Warbler @ Merritt Island.

Florida Scrub Jay @ Merritt Island

Florida Scrub Jay @ Merritt Island.

Gopher Tortoise @ Merritt Island.

Reddish Egret @ Merritt Island.

American Kestrel @ Shingle Creek.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker @ Hal Scott Reserve.

Eastern Bluebird @ Hal Scott Reserve.

Lubber Grasshopper @ Hal Scott Reserve.

Bachmann's Sparrow @ Hal Scott Reserve.

Crested Caracara @ Lake Kissimmee.

Brown-headed Cowbird @ Lake Kissimmee.

American Bittern @ Lake Kissimmee.

Alligator @  Lake Kissimmee.

Alligator @  Lake Kissimmee.

Baby Alligator @  Lake Kissimmee.

Least Sandpiper @ Lake Kissimmee.

Red-winged Blackbird @ Lake Kissimmee.

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